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Introduction – Consultation for Product Sourcing.

Rel and Company began as a one-stop solution for brick ‘n mortar and E-commerce businesses, helping them put together their business, solving intricate business issues and helping them evolve into a large corporation. Because of the great work we’ve done, we received much of our business through word-of-mouth. We also started receiving requests from large factories from around the world to help them bring their products to market in North America, Europe and Japan. We are confident that we can help you in any way whether you are an established business or a start up. The feedback we get often is “you made it easier than it looks”. Furthermore, we specialize in many categories of products that include household goods, fashion, electronics and accessories, pet goods, auto accessories and more. Our focus is not limited to these categories. Rel-and-co on it’s own currently carry thousands of general consumer goods that you can find in large retail chains around the world under our own brands as well as OEM for customers.
We offer our expertise in international importing/exporting and market entry solutions for both established and startup companies no matter what the size. As part of Rel-and-co, we offer our customers the personality and style of an entrepreneurial agency with the resources of a large company. We have experienced staff and in each of the disciplines needed for you to succeed.


We understand the difficulty in setting up an office in North America especially if you are not from here. We can help you find an office/warehouse, hire qualified staff, and setup up computer softwares and systems to get you started in the importing and exporting business.


Unsure of how to market your products in North America, Europe or Japan? Our worldwide team of experts can do it all for you. From planning, print media, infomercials, designing packaging and collateral, websites in any languages, arranging for tradeshows, placing orders, we can do it all for you.


Our experienced team of buyers are stationed in the United States. We are currently sourcing products in China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Mexico for our customers. We continue to add countries to our mix as we need. We aim to source products on your target price and ETA’s to ensure that you hit your timelines and profitability. Just need products for your online business? We can help source and market your products online to ensure your products show up on page one.


Packing is not as easy as it sounds. It requires investing in different kinds of box sizes and packing materials. In addition, warehouse storage and workspace might become a challenge especially for many startups. We can be your packing agent. If your company is not based in the country you are selling the products in, send us your products directly from the factory and we will repackage the products and ship it to your customer. This service extends to E-commerce businesses such as Amazon sellers as well.

Product Sourcing Services

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